Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Charleston Birthday Trip

On Saturday, my parents took me to Charleston, S.C. for my birthday (check out my family name on the street sign above). This was my first visit over there, and I was blown away; it is such a beautiful place. We walked around the market, looked at some other shops, and took a tour. We went with a company called About Charleston. The man who was our tour guide has a background in restoration architecture, and he knew so much all the houses and such. If you feel like being a tourist in Charleston, I would suggest going with them. Side note, the guy who owned the company look a lot like Jerry Garcia, so it was weird hearing someone who looked like that lecturing us on formal gardens and Tiffany glass. I picked up a few ideas while on the trip. The first is that I want to turn the patch in the back yard that has trouble holding onto grass into a more formal type garden. I will post pictures on my progress very soon. I also saw some cute things that I will put my twist on :)

I am thinking that creeping fig and jasmine might be a nice cover for my retaining wall

I was totally nosy when I snapped this pic over someones back fence, but I fell in love with this chandelier hanging outdoors.

This was on a bed and breakfast, the windows are hand blown, and the curve underneath was hand carved.

A curved balcony for your hoop skirt!
A replica of the Arc D' Triomph, same house as the hand blown windows.
I always thought that texas had the market cornered on stars, guess I was wrong.

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