Friday, February 12, 2010


So the snow messed up a lot of stuff this week. The cake I made was supposed to be a birthday cake for a friend, but she got stuck up north. I had thought I would just freeze the layers and save it until she got back from her trip, but then I realized that I could serve it to our dinner company tonight. Guess what? The snow screwed that up, too.
My other accomplishment for the week was cooking my first recipe out of Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Here is what I love about French cooking. It can take the most common foods and make them sound exotic. The recipe with the fancy sounding name was really just beef stew. The Boeuf aux Oignons went perfectly with the cold weather (see, when its in a foreign language, it no longer sounds common!).

Other than making it pretty outside, the other thing I got out of the snow was a quiet night in. Brian and I had a great time watching the Olympics. I just realized that it is colder in Griffin, GA than it is at the site of the winter games. How often has that happened?

Lily loves snow days. I think she is convinced that it is her own personal ice tray. She makes it her mission to eat as much of the white, fluffy stuff as possible.

This is as close as Torrie thought she was going to be to the snow. Don't worry, we took her out and made her walk around in it, she was thrilled...

Our house, I wish that one flake hadn't caught the flash.

Anybody up for a polar bear swim???

My handy duck boots, left over from my horse days. I am SO glad I kept them.


  1. Kate, I'm so impressed by your blog and your creativity! I wish I could keep a resolution in the same way you have!

    Katy Beck Mallory

  2. That cake was amazing!!!! Not only was it beautiful it tasted unbelievable!Good job Kate!!!