Monday, February 8, 2010

Flower Show 2010

This past weekend, Brian and I went to the Southeastern Horticulture Flower Show at the Cobb Galleria. There was so much to look at! We both found inspiration in different places. I thought that this fountain was really cool. I have no idea where I would put something like but maybe at the next house.

Brian really liked this sitting area. He thought we could do something like this at the deep end of the pool (where the existing flower bed is), and do hinged covers on the benches (we need storage!) I like it because it great sun and would be perfect for laying out on. Then we would put the kitchen part on what is right now the wood decking. This is going to be a BIG project. We have wanted to do an outdoor kitchen/living area since we moved in the house, and now I think that we have a better idea of what we want to do. I also like the built in fire pit. When we run the gas lines for the kitchen part we are going to do a gas fire pit as well.

I love the leaf in the vase. I got this idea and the roses and orchids below from the Cut Flowers Wholesale booth.
I guess all I need now is a business licence, and I can spend my paycheck on fresh flowers. (Brian will be thrilled)

Coffee Break roses, wouldn't these be great for a fall wedding?

Vanda Orchids- we tried to get a better picture, but the actual color of these flowers would not come through on the camera. In real life, they had a bit more of a purple tinge to them. Gorgeous!

Right now, we have some railroad ties that are acting as a retaining wall on my hill in the back yard. They are not very pretty, so I would like to replace them with something like this. I have been wanting a place to grow some veggies, but I have had a hard time finding a place to put them.

I have some plastic urns I got at Big Lots (I painted them black so now you can't tell that they had humble beginnings!) I am wanting to use something like this to grow ivy on in the urns. I am hoping that Dad can fabricate something like this for me.

I thought this was a great centerpiece idea. There is a close up of the hanging vases, below.

The Kermit and Peter Cottontail were two of the competition pieces. I just thought they were super cute.

I have always loved Chinese lanterns. I thought this was a great gazebo idea.

Here was my one purchase. They call these things Water Beads. The start like like grains of sand, and when you put them in water they grow up to look like marbles. They also have a ton of colors to choose from. According to the people at the booth, these little guys are supposed to hold their shape for about a month (and then you can recharge them with more water). They also said that my orchids will love being in them. So we will see if their claims hold any water, HA! I am testing one of my orchids out in them. I am a little skeptical because when I got up this morning I probably poured an inch of water out of the bottom of the vase. These are also great for making flower arrangements. I saw some centerpieces that used the water beads to anchor the flower arrangements.

I think that the pothos might like the water beads better than the orchid.

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