Monday, March 8, 2010

Shannon's Baby Shower

Here are some pictures of the shower. I had such a great time planning this with the other hostesses: Sarah, Kay Christine, Liz, and Elizabeth. It made it so easy to plan with such a group of such accomplished hostesses! We were also lucky to be able to use the Bailey Tebault House as a venue.

Here is another picture of the cake. This was the first time I had ever done a stacked tier cake. Like everything else, this was a learning experience. I learned not to stack the tiers before the cake gets where it is going. Brian talked me into setting it up the night before, and I will admit I was anxious to see it finished! I thought that it looked straight in the kitchen the night before, but I felt like it had a lean by the time it got to the BT house. This was also the first cake I had ever done with a pattern transfer. I took the material Shannon has in her nursery and used part of that for the bottom layer of the cake. I traced the pattern in royal icing and Brian helped me stick that on the cake. I am going to work on perfecting this method for the next go round. Below are some more pictures from the actual shower. I am having a difficult time getting this post to format so that the text is by the picture. So, as you scroll down, here is a run down of what you are looking at. 1) All the great food that all the hostesses contributed 2) flower arrangement that Liz and I worked on 3) the guests put their gifts on the piano in the foyer of the house4) we used bibs and onesies as decoration on the two fireplaces. Mimi Johnson did the monogramming, so a big thanks to her!

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