Monday, January 10, 2011

Trip to Texas

This past weekend, we went to Texas for my friend Megan's wedding. It was absolutely beautiful! We also got to visit Waco, and Brian got to see Baylor for the first time. Here are a few pics from that visit. I realized that I have almost no pictures of campus, so I was happy to snap a few on this visit. This was my first time back since I got my master's in 2006, and many things have changed (new residence halls) and many things were still the same, and I was excited to see it all!

Our mascot, is the bear. Here are Lady and Joy sleeping in their habitat in the middle of campus.
These few are of the Armstrong-Browning Library. This is probably one of my favorite places on campus, it is just an amazing building. It is home to the largest collection of poet Elizabeth Barret Browning "stuff." It is also a popular place for brides to have their portraits taken.  I so wish I could have had mine done there.

Another favorite place- Common Grounds. I was so happy they had pumpkin pie coffee the day we were there!
This was my little house in grad school, I couldn't believe it was still there!
Brian enjoying his first George's experience. (Please note the big o margarita in the bottom right hand corner, I couldn't go without having one)

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