Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cooking School and More Birthdays

I made the cupcake 1 for Seeley's birthday party. I made it to match the smash cake I made for him last week. 

 30th birthday cake for a friend who was hosting the party
 Today, I took another class at the Viking store up in Atlanta. This class was more hands on cooking than decorating. The name of the class was Baby Cakes, Apparently, the trend right now is toward mini desserts, and so everything we made could be eaten in just a couple of bites. I was really excited to bring the recipes home, and I can't wait to broaden my horizons a bit! Above is one of the petit fours I made. I was never sure how to get the glaze just right, and now I know!
 We made jam jar strawberry cakes. The recipe for the icing called for black pepper, which I thought was odd, but ti tasted really good. Another variation was to add balsamic vinegar, which I think would be very nice with the strawberry cake. Or maybe I think this because I like balsamic on strawberry salad...
 Lemon pudding cake.
And last chocolate bouchons. This was my favorite thing that we made all day. They are somewhere between a cake and a cookie, and would be even better with some raspberry sauce and some whipped cream.

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