Sunday, March 13, 2011

(not)Post #100!

 When I initially posted this entry, I really thought I had made it to 100 posts. Turns out, dashboard considers drafts in the total number of posts, so this was realy post # 92. stay tuned for my real post 100! Here are some pics of the last couple of projects.The two cakes with flowers were for a tasting that I did today. The whole family took part in the tasting, and I had a really great time getting to know them over cake this afternoon. I am looking forward to baking for them again in July.

 The chocolate cake above was for some friend's join 30th birthday party. This couple is expecting a baby in July, and they decided to use this cake to let their family know what to expect when the baby gets here. The soon to be grandmother ordered the cake, but she had no idea that they birthday couple had asked me to make the cake colored on the inside. I had a great time being in on their secret, and I had fun making the inside blue and the outside chocolate decorations!

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