Monday, August 30, 2010

Matt and Kitty's wedding

This weekend, we traveled to St. Paul Minnesota for a wedding. This was my first trip up there, and we had a great time. St. Paul is a really beautiful city, and the wedding was just perfect. I also got to visit the Mall of America. I think overwhelming is the best way to describe that little experience. Here are some pictures!

Above is the church, House of Hope Presbyterian. It was beautiful inside and out, lots of stained glass, which I love. below is some of the stained glass. The church is on Summit Ave, which was lined with homes that rival the houses in Charleston (yes I said it!)

Next we went to the reception, which was just down the street in a beautiful old house.

One of the mantles with the bouquets.

In lieu of a wedding cake, they had dessert shooters. They were layers of genoise and mousse, and they were really yummy!

And there is the happy couple. Funny enough, the first time Kitty ever came to griffin with Matt was for our wedding!

This last shot was from the after party at Kitty's parents house. They had pizza, beer and games set up for all the wedding guests. I thought that lining the steps up to the house with the bridesmaid bouquets was a super cute way to decorate the front of the house.

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