Saturday, August 14, 2010

Baby Shower Day

Today, I went to two baby showers. I have been working on my gifts for the past week, and now I can post my projects because everyone has seen their gifts!
For my friend Julie, I made two pillow case dresses in UGA and USC colors. Carolina's parents have two favorite teams, so I couldn't show any bias :) Mimi was a great help (again) and did the monogramming for me.

The next shower was for a friend that just had twins. Madelyn and Kendall's mom loves riding, so I picked out a bandanna pattern for their dresses. Last weekend, I had some of the girls from the youth group over to tie dye (we bought shirts in belize),and I used this as an opportunity to try some onesies. Here are some pictures of those.


  1. Kate- the dresses were absolutely adorable. Can you please teach me how to sew??

  2. I would love to teach you what I know! I say that because there are still things I need to learn, like zippers, haha.