Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

 I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I am enjoying my first white Christmas, and it has been a great day to be with family and friends! We started out the day watching Christmas Vacation. Then, it was on to the church to help serve meals. I have helped coordinate the Christmas day dinner for the last 3 years, and this was the biggest year yet, we served over 1300 meals to residents of Griffin today. I am so thankful for all my wonderful volunteers! Above is a cake I made for a co-worker to take to a family party, it was red velvet with chocolate ganache filling, and I made my first icing poinsettias.
Above is my table set up from Christmas Eve. Both sides of our families came over for chili after the service . I recently inherited a wiggle woggle from Brian's side of the family. His great- aunt had this made back in the 60s, and along with the piece I have the magazine article that describes how to use it (which I thought was pretty cool). A wiggle woggle is two curved pieces of wood with holes for the candles. I decorated mine with greenery, hydrangeas, fuji mums, button mums, carnations, and roses. I can't wait to use it at other times of the year! I also used the table cloth and napkins that my great-grandmother made to go with her dining room set (which I also inherited).

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